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Noob Survey

Name/Age/Location: Kara /31/ NC

H_E House: Slytherin

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals:  I just want to feel fit again. I want to get back into skiing and mountain biking. Right now, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with a toddler at my current fitness level.

Height: 5'8

Target weight:
I'd love to be 125 again, but I'd settle for 145. I probably need to drop the weight I gained while pregnant plus 20lbs. I'm not really concerned with a goal weight, I'd just like to be a size 9/10 again.

Favourite Activities: I used to be a runner, but two separate injuries to my knees put the kibosh on that. I like Mountain biking, snow skiing, and swimming. Though I haven't been able to do any of these since my son was born.

Other Interests and Fandoms: HP is really the only fandom I pay much attention to... but I watch House, Heroes, SPN and Bones fairly religiously.

Any Neat Links to Share?: Cooking Light has a nifty little recipe and menu planning section.

Anything Else On Your Mind: I need exercise I can do with an infant around and meals that don't require me to be a Cordon Bleu chef. I want to find some sort of activity that doesn't feel like a workout because I hate, HATE, working out. Yes, I know I'll feel better for it, but it bores me something fierce. (Also, I am a grade A slacker. This community will hopefully motivate me to exercise on a regular basis.)

Resting heart rate, if known: ?

Medical concerns:
Knee injuries prevent me from really high impact stuffs. PCOS which makes losing weight a bit more challenging and much more necessary.

Fitness level: Sloth. Seriously. I'm getting a tired carrying my kid up the stairs.

I need help with:
Motivation! And suggestions for things I can do that won't feel like exercise.

Another n00b? No......

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Becky/21/Charlotte, NC

H_E House: Gryff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: I was 115 in high school (already three years ago O_O) because of dance and a good metabolism. Then came college....lots of munchie attacks and booze. I want to get down to a healthy 130lbs (my boyfriend says I looked too skinny at 115 *grumble*). I really want to get my boyfriend exercising with me, so I need some ideas on stuff that Mr. Video gamin' couch potato might want to do. I also want to start making healthy choices upon going out to eat....really wanna learn some really good healthy recipes. If you got em, please share em with me?

Favourite Activities: Reading, writing, singing, dancing, playing video games, eating at restaurants, walking with my boyfriend

Other Interests and Fandoms: Watching Food Network when hungry, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, fictional characters

Any Neat Links to Share?: I like searching through recipes.com and looking at their stuff....

Anything Else On Your Mind: I think this looks like a good, positive place to go to when I'm feeling depressed at the fact that I haven't exercized like I wanted to, or I had that extra piece of cake. Encouragement that is not negatively-based is something I look forward to ^_^
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New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Lauren/23/Australia

H_E House: Hufflepuff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: I want to be fit enough to run two hundred metres to the bus without huffing and puffing once I'm done. I want to get rid of a good deal of my tummy (a little tummy would be okay, it's this big one I've got that bothers me).

Favourite Activities: I like walking with my mp3 player on, reading, writing, editing (my own work and other people's work), watching TV (well, DVDs, most telly these days is crap), and cooking -- mostly cooking for other people, since I like to make cakes, but don't like eating them, if you can believe that.

Other Interests and Fandoms: Baldur's Gate (both as a game and a fandom), Red Dwarf, The X Files, Scrubs, the series of novels my partner lofwyr is writing, Discworld, Lord of the Rings, roleplaying... the fandom list probably needs more, but I can't think of them all at the moment.

Any Neat Links to Share?: Weight loss/fitness related? Nah. I can hook you up with some neat H/D slash, if you want that, though ;-p

Anything Else On Your Mind: My wedding is on the 20th of October this year... I'm not one of those people who is trying to lose weight just for their wedding, I've been trying to lose weight for ages, but it's something to take into consideration.

Height: 5'7"/171 cm

Target weight: 155 lb/70 kg -- that would still be pushing the upper limits of a healthy BMI, but a) I think the BMI sucks; b) with my build, if I lose any more than that I will look unhealthy (I really do have big bones... *sigh*).

Medical concerns: My doctor just yesterday told me she thinks I may have sleep apnoea and told me to try and lose some weight to see if it helps my insomnia.

I need help with: Tummy toning exercises. When I say 'toning' I mean 'OMG I am a blob, please help me not be a blob'.
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New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Nikki/23/SC, USA

H_E House: Hufflepuff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals:
Ok, so in college I was way skinny. Probably more than I ought to have been. I didn't actively try to be, but I led a busy lifestyle of walking places and constant sex with this Army guy, combined with senior year stress and forgetting to eat. After graduation I got a job sitting in front of a computer all day. And I can remember to eat now. And I love to eat. And bake. *sigh* I went from 114 to 138. I've been on a diet and managed to drop to 127 (woohoo!), but lately I've been totally slack and have stopped exercising, and jesus, the eating. Last night while we were sitting in hogchat discussing and starting this very comm, I ate a whole pint of ice cream. FAIL. I'm back up to 132. I know that I can lose the weight if I keep on it, and if I exercise, but it's the keeping on it that's my problem. I have a ridiculous love of good food, especially sweets. So yeah, I just want to regain some self-control, and could use the support in getting there. I see improvement when I eat well and exercise, but it's the keeping on track that's the problem.

Favourite Activities:
Sleeping, reading, playing guitar a bit, gardening.

Other Interests and Fandoms:
The Office, LOST, Ugly Betty

Any Neat Links to Share?:
Not at the moment, but I probably will in the near future. There are a lot of articles and recipes I like from SparkPeople.

Anything Else On Your Mind:
PMS makes me super hungry. This is a problem.

Edit: Waitaminute... I have different questions from other people...

Resting Heart Rate: Approx 64.

Medical Concerns: Asthma. Makes it difficult to run or jog. :( I have no inhaler.

Fitness Level: Pretty lame. I can run pretty well, and fast, but only for about 30 seconds before I have massive difficulty breathing. I was doing 30 minutes of circuit training 3 times a week for a while, but I've slacked off.

I need help with: See "Weight Loss or Fitness Goals." My Target weight would be to be between 120 and 125.
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New Member Survey

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Becca / 24 / Atlanta

H_E House: Ravenclaw

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: While I do want to lose weight to reach my target goal which I'm not far away from now, I'm more interested in continuing what I've been doing and increasing my tone and strength training.

Favourite Activities: I'm big on running and the elliptical machine. And the gym I go to has this awesome strength training system that I enjoy. I also love playing tennis.

Other Interests and Fandoms: Aside from HP, I'm not exactly active but interested in Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the L Word and the West Wing.

Any Neat Links to Share?: I think someone else already posted a link to my favorite site - sparkpeople.com.

Anything Else On Your Mind: About two months ago, I got pretty serious about losing weight. It's worked really well so far, and I've made a ton of progress, but I definitely want to stay serious about it and not stop just because I've finally gotten into the 'healthy' category. I'm also a Vegetarian, so finding food to eat can be pretty difficult, and I'm always searching for new and healthy alternatives.

Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Target weight: 130
Medical concerns: None, really.
I need help with: Not eating junk food. I've done really well with that previously, but I just got my wisdom teeth out and I fell off the wagon hard for a lot of ice cream. I need to get back to where I was before - I'm really just trying to eat healthy because I used to be an extremely unhealthy eater. It's hard when all I crave is junk, so I just have to keep my mind off it.
Resting heart rate, if known: I think it's around 70.
Fitness level: I usually either run or use the elliptical for about 3 miles 3-4 times a week. I do strength training between once and twice a week.
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Team Suxx0rs Log

So, I wanted to start doing a log of my activities and figured since we already pieced together our team, I'm going to make a post for Team Suxx0rs to meet on and log what they do. I don't have any official form until K-ho puts one of awesome together, but I've done some exercise in the last two days and I personally don't want to forget it. Hahaha.

Team Suxx0rs
evilsource; advanced cardio.
ariesathena; beginner cardio.
phuck; weights.
iimpu; healthy eating.

When K-love comes up with the official form I'll put it down, but for now under the cut is what I did last night and today (to the best of my memory). Collapse )
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New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Molly / 18 / Seattle, WA

H_E House: Ravenclaw

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: I'm actually not looking to lose any weight, which might make my membership NOT ALLOWED, but I do have goals. I've been very ill over the past year: spent a bit of time in and out of hospitals, gotten into the routine of Not Eating much of anything at all due to medications making me feel wonky and basic control issues and stubbornness. I've also remained unyieldingly busy and involved in all my atheltics, so the end result was a massive and unhealthy weight loss. My goal is to get back up to a healthy weight (and do it in a healthy way) before I move off to college.

I also want to stick with my summer fitness goals and workouts, etc.

Favourite Activities: Besides sitting on my ass in front of the computer, I love volleyball and softball, reading, swimming, hiking, seeing movies and discovering new music.

Other Interests and Fandoms: I suppose I'm a latecomer to the Buffy fandom, and I also love Heroes and House.

Age: Still 18
Height: 5'7"
Target Weight: 125-135
Resting Heart Rate: 66
Fitness Level: I'd say I'm very in shape. Sports are my thing, everyone has a thing. I'm not so on with the running, though I can handle it if I can listen to music (or books on tape).
Medical Concerns: Liver problems.
I need help with: self esteem, eating healthier, and remembering to eat.
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New Member Survey

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Michelle / 16 / New York

H_E House: Gryffinwhore.

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Lose about ten pounds. Get into shape before HS swim season starts up again so I don't almost die this year. And I'd like to lose some of the flab that's collected around my stomach since Christmas.

Favourite Activities: Partying, reading, computer, swimming/diving, riding my bike.

Other Interests and Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I like Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, and NCIS. Lots of punk//metal music.

Any Neat Links to Share?:

Anything Else On Your Mind: I want a purple panda and a green koala to keep my eating habits in line. =P But, seriously... I'd really like to pick up some good eating/exercise habits here. I'm really happy this community was created. =]
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New Member Survey

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Stephanie/22/Wisconsin

H_E House: Slytherin

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Ummm, I've been too scared to get on a scale but I'm pretty sure I'd like to lose about 15 pounds before Prophecy. If I had to guess I'm about 130 - 140 and I'm only 5'2" so that's not all that good.

Favourite Activities: I'm pretty fond of the elliptical, the stair machine and the treadmill. I'm also known for swimming. I have this shiny membership to a gym that I've been paying for and not using because I don't live in the same town as it anymore, so any motivation in getting me to go would be great!

Other Interests and Fandoms: Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, Grey's Anatomy, House, Star Wars, Smallville....etc. Lots of music, though mostly punk.

Any Neat Links to Share?: sparkpeople.com or something like that.

Anything Else On Your Mind: I blame being fat on my spawn.

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Heather/21/Texas

H_E House: Slytherin

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Staying the weight I am right now but getting the flab/muscle ratio back in check like it was last semester. My family and I are going to hike Mt. Umcompagre this July as well, and I'd like to be up there and still have enough energy to run away from bears or wolves should the problem arise :| (Only somewhat kidding.. we saw tracks last time we were there). Also I live at 100ft above sea level. Umcompagre is 14,000 ft above sea level. So, yeah.

Favourite Activities: drawing, computering, swimming

Other Interests and Fandoms: Well currently it's Guild Wars :B

Any Neat Links to Share?: Like evilsource posted, this plan is awesome. Also, I believe Bally's and 24 Fitness are both offering Free 7 day passes? I like the idea of getting two free weeks of gym time.

Ohh and I just got another Discovery Health National Body Challenge newsletter! Here are a couple good links~~ (but seriously I'm not obsessed >_>)
Grab-and-Go Breakfasts
Low-Calorie Desserts
Facts on Fats
If ya gotta eat fast food

Anything Else On Your Mind: I'm here to absorb any healthy eating and workout tips people have to give. I do pretty well at school where I can take exercise classes and have a free gym and only have the food I buy around.. but now that I'm home for the summer with the family and their eating habits and no fitness classes, and I want to help them lose weight too. Or at least my dad, because my mom absolutely refuses, for some reason 9_9.

Age: Just turned 21 :D
Height: 5'5" and 3/4" *cough*
Target weight: ~120 though I don't care really as long as I'm not totally composed of flab.
Medical concerns: none
Resting heart rate, if known: K I did the thing just now and I guess it's around 64-68.
Fitness level: Hopefully I've retained some endurance from last April but I went walking/running with my dad and I couldn't really jog very far at all. I'd like to blame the 90% humidity or whatever it is but.. no :[.