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The First Challenge

Apologies for this coming in late; in exchange, the deadline for this has also been pushed two days later.

The Weekly Goal:

For the purposes of this week's goal, I'm changing the rules a little. These will be due on Friday, July 27th at midnight EST; you will have to participate for FIVE of these 7 full days. For this goal, the general key is to give a baseline, so I have an idea as to where everyone begins. I understand that this spans the Harry Potter Release weekend, which is why I have given everyone two days off in the challenge. Generally all other events will not have a daily requirement or recommendation, but will have a goal that contestants may achieve in whatever manner they wish to in the week alloted.

And in case it isn't clear enough, I need FIVE DAYS worth of log. Ergo, you have two days off. Please try and submit the most accurate portrayal of your habits - do not change them yet, do not attempt to show your best side.

Because this challenge has a lot more time involvement, each goal will be worth, at most, 50 points instead of the normal 20.

By Friday, please post your week's results on the second entry as the rules require, which will come up within the next day or so. All comments will be screened.

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NOTE for the unfinished team and left-over members: I will discuss with evilsource about what can be done. Luckily, these challenges do not require extra effort per day, so finding out whether or not you are a team a day later will not put you behind.
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Website Recommendation

Well, five websites, technically. I signed up on this ages ago and completely forgot about it until recently. It's the "Map My Fitness" family of websites:

I don't really know why they have five different sites, because they're all the same, except for the name and color scheme. You can even register on one and then log in to any of the others with the same account.

Anyway, it uses Google Maps software to allow you to map your outdoor routes for, well, whatever it is you do. So if you walk or ride to work, or around your neighborhood, or anywhere that's along city streets, you can figure out how many miles you're going. You can also make your routes public or private and view other users' routes.

You can also use the site if you don't run, etc. outdoors, like, uh, me (in my defense, I was taking regular outdoor walks when I signed up). It has a really nice workout log function, where you can record any kind of workout (even weight training), and it will estimate your calories burned, keep a running total of your calories and mileage, and even track the mileage on your shoes. There's another area where you can record your daily calorie intake, but I don't think it has a full on diet log.

In short, I have found it pretty useful, and fairly user-friendly, so I thought I'd share.
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oh I love doing these n00b surveys!

Name/Age/Location: joye/21/PA. Starting August 19th, I will live in Taipei Taiwan.

H_E House: Ravenclaw

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: A proportional waist and general fitness.

Favourite Activities: Internetting, any exercise that can be performed in air conditioning, cooking, Nintendo Wii, reading

Other Interests and Fandoms: Chinese music! And Japanese music to a lesser extent.

Any Neat Links to Share?: Erm, I dunno if this is on-text enough, but Cosmetics Cop has great skin care reviews, and lots of science-y stuff about various skin care ingredients. I used this site to find about the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen. If you have problems with sunscreen making your face look shiny, it's really good.

Anything Else On Your Mind: I hope everyone gets to the weight and muscle mass that suits their body type. :D

Age: 21
Height: 5'10/177cm
Target weight: ~160 lb/~75kg
Medical concerns: I have very mild arthritis in my right knee. When I was a kid I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but it was treated successfully and I don't have any pain in my knee now.
I need help with: Laziness and procrastination. "I'll bike... tomorrow."
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Marauders - Our Year

The Biggest Losers(_Elite) Team Post (FINAL) and Calendar Post

- The teams for The Biggest Losers_Elite are as follows:

Team 1 (Team Suxx0rz): ariesathena (Novice Cardio), evilsource (Advanced Cardio), iimpu (Healthy Eating), and phuck (Weights)

Team 2: enchantedescape (Novice Cardio), rowena742 (Advanced Cardio), mezzogiorno (Healthy Eating), super_bitch06 (Weights)

Team 3: vaudy (Novice Cardio), stoopid_silly (Advanced Cardio), cheshire23 (Healthy Eating), sasennan (Weights)

Team 4: neville (Novice Cardio), liret (Advanced Cardio), emmolie_1358 (Healthy Eating), ------ (Weights)

Note to Members of Team 4: We were unable to procure a team member for Weights. If the team would like to participate anyways with the disadvantage, please reply as such on this post. If not, then also please reply as such on this post. Failure to reply will be indicative of a desire not to compete.

- The calendar for The Biggest Losers_Elite is as follows:

July 18th: The first challenge will be posted. Points will be awarded on a five-day basis, to give members a break for the release of Harry Potter. Due: July 25th.
July 28th: The second challenge will be posted. Due: August 3rd.
August 5th: The third challenge will be posted. Due: August 10th.
August 12th: The fourth and final challnge will be posted. Due: August 17th.
August 19th: Final scores and the winning team will be posted.
Marauders - Our Year

The Biggest Losers(_Elite) Team Post

I hope everyone had a lovely July 4th weekend, and an exciting Hogsmeade. Now with the main midsummer holiday of hot dogs and burgers over, as well as H_E commitments, I give you the team post for The Biggest Losers_Elite.

The teams for The Biggest Losers_Elite are as follows:

Team 1 (Team Suxx0rz): ariesathena (Novice Cardio), evilsource (Advanced Cardio), iimpu (Healthy Eating), and phuck (Weights)

Team 2: enchantedescape (Novice Cardio), rowena742 (Advanced Cardio), mezzogiorno (Healthy Eating), super_bitch06 (Weights)

Team 3: vaudy (Novice Cardio), stoopid_silly (Advanced Cardio), cheshire23 (Healthy Eating), sasennan (Weights)

For those who didn't make it into this round, I apologize. There is one more chance! People who are interested in Experienced Cardio or Weight Training, please comment to this post by Saturday, July 14th to hopefully join two people who were unable to find team members in this past round. This is the only extension of the deadline in an attempt to fill teams.

The first challenge, which involves creating a baseline, will be posted that Sunday, July 15th.
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Status Report! :D

Its been about a week? Two? Since we all rushed here en masse to kick our butts back to healthier days.

How's everyone doing so far?

Success? Complaints? Injuries?

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You know you want to brag.
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Finally doing the n00b post!

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Emy/19/Chicago

H_E House: Hufflepuff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Lose the weight I've gained since starting summer (15 pounds) and getting a more toned stomach area.

Favourite Activities: Recently I've been working A TON. So all I want to do is sleep/read/watch tv. Not exactly conductive to weight loss. I like art too. Excersise wise, I guess I "enjoy" running. And playing sports.

Other Interests and Fandoms: I loooove animals! HP is my only real fandom, but I like Lost and House and LotR too.

Any Neat Links to Share?: nope

Anything Else On Your Mind: I just need to get motivated again like I was in college. Its hard when there is limitless food around.

Height: 5'5"
Target weight: 115
Medical concerns:
I need help with: Not eating so much! and motivation to go out excersing
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Recipes Post!

So, this is going to be a post designated for recipes. If you have a favorite recipe that you eat often and know that it is healthy, please share it with us! A huge problem with making good food is the time it takes to make, so in the comments I have a place for meals by time and then a special place for people to post recipe requests! We'd love to hear everything you've got. Don't hesitate to post. :)

Please, fill out this form for your comments:

Lacto-Ovo = They don't eat meat of any kind, but will eat dairy and eggs. Cheese and other things like that are totally fine.
Vegans = They are stricter. Nothing that had a pulse or came from something that had a pulse. No milk, eggs, or animal by-products.

Thank you!!
Marauders - Our Year


Sign-ups for The Biggest Losers(_Elite) start today! All participants please fill out the survey below as a comment to this post; comments are screened. You can sign up as part of a team or as an individual, and on Wednesday, June 27th, I will close sign-ups and try to put together as many full teams as I can from the individuals. Sadly, if the number of people who signed up isn't divisible by four, the last remaining individuals will have to wait until the next round.

- Every Sunday, the contest manager will post four goals, one for each of the positions: Experienced Cardio, Novice Cardio, Weights, and Healthy Eating. Each goal is worth 20 points. There will be 5 rounds of this before the contest ends. For more clarification on some of the positions, see the bottom of the post.

- Each position is responsible for completing his/her respective goal. Obviously, achieving it means the team gets points. For those who were unable to fulfill their goal but made progress, there will be points awarded on a scale based on how close you were to fulfilling the goal. You automatically get 1 point for attempting, and from there it depends on the amount of improvement you made.

- Players may achieve extra goals for bonus points. HOWEVER, a player may only achieve points in Weights, Healthy Eating, and one of the Cardio catagories. (IE: If you're an Experienced Cardio, you can't get bonus points for completing the Novice Cardio's challenge. Weights/Healthy-Eaters may only get bonus points from one of the cardio goals.) Each additional goal completed will be an extra 10 points.

- If a player does not complete his/her own challenge, the bonus points s/he gets will be decreased to 5 points. This is to keep people from consistently completing two challenges that are not their own and gaining the equivalent amount of points in that manner.

- All players must submit their goals, achieved or unachieved, by Saturday at 10pm EST on a specified post that will accompany the weekly challenge. Failure to submit by the deadline results in no points.


Will the goals be fair for all levels?

Yes - a player's goal for each week will be dependent on the player's previous level, meaning equal effort for improvement across the levels. For example, cardio goals may include increasing 10% of your previous distance or time; weight goals may include increasing the number of repetitions in a set or increasing the amount of weight used. The survey below tells me the different levels I will try to cater the goals to.

Healthy Eating? What does that entail?

The Healthy Eating catagory involves changing one's diet to a more healthful eating habit. Goals for this may involve increasing the intake of one's fiber, decreasing one's intake of saturated fat, switching to whole-grain instead of processed or switching from whole milk to skim.

What exactly is the difference between an experienced/novice cardio position?

Experienced cardios will be those who have already been doing exercise for a bit, and already spend at least a half-hour in their 70%-80% target heart range a couple times a week. (For those who don't know this, see below.) Novice cardios will span from people who aren't yet able, in a cardiovascular sense, to do the above-mentioned to those who have never done cardio before in their life.

How will you judge cardio?

We decided to expand the cardio position from just running to any cardio activity - swimming, biking, what have you. To make the goals more generalized, we will be focusing on getting within our target heart range and/or staying in our target heart range, etc. There may, depending on how varied the types of cardio are, be exercise-specific goals at times.

Target heart range wtf?

Target heart range is, well, the range you want your heart rate to be at while you're exercising. Health benefits can come from being at 50-60% of your target heart range; weight management benefits from 60-70%; cardiovascular benefits (along with weight management) at 70-80%. For the purposes of this contest, experienced cardios will be focused on staying in the 70-80% range, while novice cardios will start at 50-60%, depending on their baseline, and work their way up in endurance and cardiovascular strength.

To find out what your target heart ranges are, you can use this calculator.

Very Important Disclaimer:

We do not take responsibility over your medical health. If you feel like you may be having problems or special conditions, please consult a doctor first. In short, we are not liable for any medical problems you may have; we trust you to be smart enough to know when to stop, when to rest, and when to seek medical attention.

People intending to do a complete lifestyle change are encouraged to see a doctor before attempting an overhaul, to be sure there are no medical problems s/he may be unaware of.