Something Else (proudlyfreckled) wrote in losers_elite,
Something Else

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Kali, 19 years old, Edmonton, Canada

H_E House: Hufflepuff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: I’ve started Weight Watchers again this past month – in short, I did it when I was quite a bit younger and lost just over 50 pounds over a year or so. Since then (mostly since I started college) I’ve gained it all back (and perhaps a bit more), and am starting over. I’d like to lose 50+ pounds eventually, and get healthy again (so far I’ve lost about 10 pounds and have been at it for a month).

Favourite Activities: I used to play volleyball and track&field competitively, but since getting to school my exercise level has died out – I just can’t force myself to run, I find it so dull. I do play dodgeball in my residence, and it’s taken pretty seriously, but I don’t think it counts as real exercise. Beyond exercise, I like to read and watch old tv shows (perhaps this is where my weight issues stem from?).

Other Interests and Fandoms: Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel and Firefly, mainly, for fandoms.

Any Neat Links to Share?: I don’t have many, and lovelychucky who joined just before already linked to Dotti's which I love and use all the time… So, other than that, I find Weight Watchers really works for me, so I suppose their main site is quite handy if you’re interested.

Anything Else On Your Mind: I just thought I’d join since I’m trying to lose weight, and could always use the support – the community has been pretty dead lately, but I thought I’d still give it a try!
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