All I want to do is turn around. (phuck) wrote in losers_elite,
All I want to do is turn around.

So, I'm down 17lbs since I started a month ago. That is a lot, but I haven't really done anything but portion control. I'm still eating things I probably shouldn't be. I don't exercise during the week, but I'm still hoping to go swimming sometime. The only day of the week I seem to exercise is Sunday. Also, now that I've been limiting what I eat, I can't eat as much as I used to anyway, so that helps me from overeating.

Weight log:
First date: January 13, 2007 / Weight: 210
Second date: January 20, 2007 / Weight: 202
Third date: January 27, 2007 / Weight: 200
Fourth date: February 10,2007 / Weight: 193

Goal Weight: 180
Dream Weight: 165-170
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