All I want to do is turn around. (phuck) wrote in losers_elite,
All I want to do is turn around.

Random Post:

I started student teaching this week, and in 7 days went from 210lbs to 202lbs. I really didn't do anything out of the ordinary, either. Starting next week, swimming laps a few times a week, and on the days I don't swim, I plan on doing some cardio. I hope that this works for me, because I've gained weight and need to be back on track. I already feel better and in is only 8lbs. I want to see how good I can feel if I lose more.

If any of you want to be awesome, my biggest problem with losing weight is that I lose motivation. I'm going to try and post weekly, just to keep my own mind on the goal, but any advice is welcome. :)
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