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The First Challenge

Apologies for this coming in late; in exchange, the deadline for this has also been pushed two days later.

The Weekly Goal:

For the purposes of this week's goal, I'm changing the rules a little. These will be due on Friday, July 27th at midnight EST; you will have to participate for FIVE of these 7 full days. For this goal, the general key is to give a baseline, so I have an idea as to where everyone begins. I understand that this spans the Harry Potter Release weekend, which is why I have given everyone two days off in the challenge. Generally all other events will not have a daily requirement or recommendation, but will have a goal that contestants may achieve in whatever manner they wish to in the week alloted.

And in case it isn't clear enough, I need FIVE DAYS worth of log. Ergo, you have two days off. Please try and submit the most accurate portrayal of your habits - do not change them yet, do not attempt to show your best side.

Because this challenge has a lot more time involvement, each goal will be worth, at most, 50 points instead of the normal 20.

By Friday, please post your week's results on the second entry as the rules require, which will come up within the next day or so. All comments will be screened.

Healthy Eating Goal

- Keep a food log for what you consume over the next week. Points will be allotted as follows.

A) 1 point for attempting each day. (This means that something has been written down for the day, whether it's a single food item or single calorie number or what have you.)
B) 2 points for each of the following: Numbers for each item's calories, protein, fiber, and saturated fats.
C) 5 points for fully completing the log for each day. (That means tracking all food, calories, protein, fiber, AND saturated fats for each of the five days.)

Note: If you eat out, you can roughly estimate the nutritional facts of your meal with the website here. It can be a good tool for seeing where your bad habits lie or where you are unexpectedly taking in excess calories. (For example, half-and-half in your coffee instead of skim milk.)

Cardio Goals

- Keep a log of the exercise you do a day. Points will be allotted as follows.
A) 5 points for each day you do some sort of cardio exercise. (Biking, swimming, running or walking your dog double his/her distance all count.)
B) 2 points for each of the following: The time (and/or distance, if applicable or possible) of your exercise, and how you felt afterwards. (EX: "I feel okay, I think I could've pushed myself harder" or "I want to die. My lungs have exploded.")
C) 5 points if you did something every day and fully logged it.

Note: You don't have to run a disgusting amount of miles per day. The point of this exercise is to see what you do or what you can be expected to do per week, not to attempt to log in your fastest time or longest distance. You will get the same points for biking 20 miles one day as you will for walking half a mile one day. While pushing yourself is good, you should also know that your body may need a rest and should adjust accordingly.

- Keep a log of the weight-lifting you do each day. Points are allocated as follows:
A) 5 points each day you weight lift, with a maximum of 4 days.
B) 2 points for the description of the exercise (as in, what is it) and the pounds/kilos of weight you used, if applicable.
C) 2 points for each of the following: How the exercise felt while doing it (EX: "I could have lifted another set") and how you feel the next day (EX: "so sore I couldn't put on my own shirt").
D) 6 points for going each day and logging each completely.

Note: Weights people have a cap, because one should not, for the most part, go lifting every day. Lifting for the purposes of creating more muscle should create micro-tears in the muscle, and may need a day of rest to grow back stronger; conversely, people doing cardio can normally do something every day. The cap is to prevent people from lifting every day for the purpose of points.

NOTE for the unfinished team and left-over members: I will discuss with evilsource about what can be done. Luckily, these challenges do not require extra effort per day, so finding out whether or not you are a team a day later will not put you behind.
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