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oh I love doing these n00b surveys!

Name/Age/Location: joye/21/PA. Starting August 19th, I will live in Taipei Taiwan.

H_E House: Ravenclaw

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: A proportional waist and general fitness.

Favourite Activities: Internetting, any exercise that can be performed in air conditioning, cooking, Nintendo Wii, reading

Other Interests and Fandoms: Chinese music! And Japanese music to a lesser extent.

Any Neat Links to Share?: Erm, I dunno if this is on-text enough, but Cosmetics Cop has great skin care reviews, and lots of science-y stuff about various skin care ingredients. I used this site to find about the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen. If you have problems with sunscreen making your face look shiny, it's really good.

Anything Else On Your Mind: I hope everyone gets to the weight and muscle mass that suits their body type. :D

Age: 21
Height: 5'10/177cm
Target weight: ~160 lb/~75kg
Medical concerns: I have very mild arthritis in my right knee. When I was a kid I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but it was treated successfully and I don't have any pain in my knee now.
I need help with: Laziness and procrastination. "I'll bike... tomorrow."
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