mildlyironic (mildlyironic) wrote in losers_elite,

The Biggest Losers(_Elite) Team Post (FINAL) and Calendar Post

- The teams for The Biggest Losers_Elite are as follows:

Team 1 (Team Suxx0rz): ariesathena (Novice Cardio), evilsource (Advanced Cardio), iimpu (Healthy Eating), and phuck (Weights)

Team 2: enchantedescape (Novice Cardio), rowena742 (Advanced Cardio), mezzogiorno (Healthy Eating), super_bitch06 (Weights)

Team 3: vaudy (Novice Cardio), stoopid_silly (Advanced Cardio), cheshire23 (Healthy Eating), sasennan (Weights)

Team 4: neville (Novice Cardio), liret (Advanced Cardio), emmolie_1358 (Healthy Eating), ------ (Weights)

Note to Members of Team 4: We were unable to procure a team member for Weights. If the team would like to participate anyways with the disadvantage, please reply as such on this post. If not, then also please reply as such on this post. Failure to reply will be indicative of a desire not to compete.

- The calendar for The Biggest Losers_Elite is as follows:

July 18th: The first challenge will be posted. Points will be awarded on a five-day basis, to give members a break for the release of Harry Potter. Due: July 25th.
July 28th: The second challenge will be posted. Due: August 3rd.
August 5th: The third challenge will be posted. Due: August 10th.
August 12th: The fourth and final challnge will be posted. Due: August 17th.
August 19th: Final scores and the winning team will be posted.
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