mildlyironic (mildlyironic) wrote in losers_elite,

The Biggest Losers(_Elite) Team Post

I hope everyone had a lovely July 4th weekend, and an exciting Hogsmeade. Now with the main midsummer holiday of hot dogs and burgers over, as well as H_E commitments, I give you the team post for The Biggest Losers_Elite.

The teams for The Biggest Losers_Elite are as follows:

Team 1 (Team Suxx0rz): ariesathena (Novice Cardio), evilsource (Advanced Cardio), iimpu (Healthy Eating), and phuck (Weights)

Team 2: enchantedescape (Novice Cardio), rowena742 (Advanced Cardio), mezzogiorno (Healthy Eating), super_bitch06 (Weights)

Team 3: vaudy (Novice Cardio), stoopid_silly (Advanced Cardio), cheshire23 (Healthy Eating), sasennan (Weights)

For those who didn't make it into this round, I apologize. There is one more chance! People who are interested in Experienced Cardio or Weight Training, please comment to this post by Saturday, July 14th to hopefully join two people who were unable to find team members in this past round. This is the only extension of the deadline in an attempt to fill teams.

The first challenge, which involves creating a baseline, will be posted that Sunday, July 15th.
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