stoopid_silly (stoopid_silly) wrote in losers_elite,

Finally doing the n00b post!

New member survey.

Name/Age/Location: Emy/19/Chicago

H_E House: Hufflepuff

Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Lose the weight I've gained since starting summer (15 pounds) and getting a more toned stomach area.

Favourite Activities: Recently I've been working A TON. So all I want to do is sleep/read/watch tv. Not exactly conductive to weight loss. I like art too. Excersise wise, I guess I "enjoy" running. And playing sports.

Other Interests and Fandoms: I loooove animals! HP is my only real fandom, but I like Lost and House and LotR too.

Any Neat Links to Share?: nope

Anything Else On Your Mind: I just need to get motivated again like I was in college. Its hard when there is limitless food around.

Height: 5'5"
Target weight: 115
Medical concerns:
I need help with: Not eating so much! and motivation to go out excersing
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