All I want to do is turn around. (phuck) wrote in losers_elite,
All I want to do is turn around.

Recipes Post!

So, this is going to be a post designated for recipes. If you have a favorite recipe that you eat often and know that it is healthy, please share it with us! A huge problem with making good food is the time it takes to make, so in the comments I have a place for meals by time and then a special place for people to post recipe requests! We'd love to hear everything you've got. Don't hesitate to post. :)

Please, fill out this form for your comments:

Lacto-Ovo = They don't eat meat of any kind, but will eat dairy and eggs. Cheese and other things like that are totally fine.
Vegans = They are stricter. Nothing that had a pulse or came from something that had a pulse. No milk, eggs, or animal by-products.

Thank you!!
Tags: recipes
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