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Sign-ups for The Biggest Losers(_Elite) start today! All participants please fill out the survey below as a comment to this post; comments are screened. You can sign up as part of a team or as an individual, and on Wednesday, June 27th, I will close sign-ups and try to put together as many full teams as I can from the individuals. Sadly, if the number of people who signed up isn't divisible by four, the last remaining individuals will have to wait until the next round.

- Every Sunday, the contest manager will post four goals, one for each of the positions: Experienced Cardio, Novice Cardio, Weights, and Healthy Eating. Each goal is worth 20 points. There will be 5 rounds of this before the contest ends. For more clarification on some of the positions, see the bottom of the post.

- Each position is responsible for completing his/her respective goal. Obviously, achieving it means the team gets points. For those who were unable to fulfill their goal but made progress, there will be points awarded on a scale based on how close you were to fulfilling the goal. You automatically get 1 point for attempting, and from there it depends on the amount of improvement you made.

- Players may achieve extra goals for bonus points. HOWEVER, a player may only achieve points in Weights, Healthy Eating, and one of the Cardio catagories. (IE: If you're an Experienced Cardio, you can't get bonus points for completing the Novice Cardio's challenge. Weights/Healthy-Eaters may only get bonus points from one of the cardio goals.) Each additional goal completed will be an extra 10 points.

- If a player does not complete his/her own challenge, the bonus points s/he gets will be decreased to 5 points. This is to keep people from consistently completing two challenges that are not their own and gaining the equivalent amount of points in that manner.

- All players must submit their goals, achieved or unachieved, by Saturday at 10pm EST on a specified post that will accompany the weekly challenge. Failure to submit by the deadline results in no points.


Will the goals be fair for all levels?

Yes - a player's goal for each week will be dependent on the player's previous level, meaning equal effort for improvement across the levels. For example, cardio goals may include increasing 10% of your previous distance or time; weight goals may include increasing the number of repetitions in a set or increasing the amount of weight used. The survey below tells me the different levels I will try to cater the goals to.

Healthy Eating? What does that entail?

The Healthy Eating catagory involves changing one's diet to a more healthful eating habit. Goals for this may involve increasing the intake of one's fiber, decreasing one's intake of saturated fat, switching to whole-grain instead of processed or switching from whole milk to skim.

What exactly is the difference between an experienced/novice cardio position?

Experienced cardios will be those who have already been doing exercise for a bit, and already spend at least a half-hour in their 70%-80% target heart range a couple times a week. (For those who don't know this, see below.) Novice cardios will span from people who aren't yet able, in a cardiovascular sense, to do the above-mentioned to those who have never done cardio before in their life.

How will you judge cardio?

We decided to expand the cardio position from just running to any cardio activity - swimming, biking, what have you. To make the goals more generalized, we will be focusing on getting within our target heart range and/or staying in our target heart range, etc. There may, depending on how varied the types of cardio are, be exercise-specific goals at times.

Target heart range wtf?

Target heart range is, well, the range you want your heart rate to be at while you're exercising. Health benefits can come from being at 50-60% of your target heart range; weight management benefits from 60-70%; cardiovascular benefits (along with weight management) at 70-80%. For the purposes of this contest, experienced cardios will be focused on staying in the 70-80% range, while novice cardios will start at 50-60%, depending on their baseline, and work their way up in endurance and cardiovascular strength.

To find out what your target heart ranges are, you can use this calculator.

Very Important Disclaimer:

We do not take responsibility over your medical health. If you feel like you may be having problems or special conditions, please consult a doctor first. In short, we are not liable for any medical problems you may have; we trust you to be smart enough to know when to stop, when to rest, and when to seek medical attention.

People intending to do a complete lifestyle change are encouraged to see a doctor before attempting an overhaul, to be sure there are no medical problems s/he may be unaware of.


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