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New member survey.
Name: Mike
Location: Oregon
Age: 26
Height: 6′1″
H_E House: Ravenclaw
Weight Loss or Fitness Goals: Goal 175lbs b. I'm at 210 right now, I started at 212 over a week ago. That's about 2lb goal per week for 9 months.
Medical concerns: Acid Reflux, Possible IBS, High Blood Pressure, Clinical Depression.
I need help with: Kicking myself in the arse to get out the door. I've been getting a TON better in my eating habits. Still not perfect, but without exercise I won't be able to shed any pounds.

Favourite Activities: Lazing around and sleeping... which really needs to change. I used to love running (I was in Cross-Country in high-school). I also was a dancer in college. I love Tennis, and hiking. Skiing, even though I haven't been in ages. Bike riding is fun when you have a bike.

Other Interests and Fandoms: I love HP, Star Trek (all of them), BSG, So You Think You Can Dance (I can't wait for next month!!!), American Idol, and I adore Weeds, Rome, The Tudors, Dexter, SG-1, Oz, Heroes, James Bond, Juno, Family Guy, Friends, American Dad, + more I'm sure. I'm big into Photography at the moment, and web design including graphic design. I cook/bake a lot as well.

Any Neat Links to Share?: VeganYumYum.com is pure awesome! I'm not vegan myself, but would eat anything she makes in a heartbeat.

Anything Else On Your Mind: Nope

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