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The Biggest Losers: The Second Challenge

The second challenge will be worth 20 points. The log will be due by August 4th, midnight EST on a following post, just like last time.

Advanced Cardio

Attempt to do up to 2 workouts of speed intervals during the rest of the week, to work up your speed and cardiovascular endurance in your cardio workout of choice. (It is also a bigger calorie-burner than one-speed exercise.) Complete 1 more workout at the gym.

Points will be distributed as follows:
- 5 points for each of the workouts.
- 5 more points for completing all three workouts.

Novice Cardio

Attempt to do 3 workouts this week of speed intervals. For machines, this can be a few minutes slow, one minute fast; for running, it can be a few minutes of walking, a minute of running, etc.

Points will be distributed as follows:
- 5 points for each of the workouts.
- 5 points for completing all three workouts.

Healthy Eating

Attempt to cut down saturated fat intake to 10 grams or less a day. If you already consume less than 10 grams, try to cut down to 7 grams of saturated fat a day. (NOTE: You are attempting to cut down saturated fat, not just fat. Olive oil is fine. A pound of butter, not so much.)

Points will be distributed as follows:
- 4 points for each day, starting on Tuesday, ending on Saturday


Attempt to increase the amount of weight you use; the amount you increase by is up to your discretion. (NOTE: Girls, you will not end up a muscle-bound weight-lifter if you increase your weights. Do not be worried of such a thing happening.) Please increase weights slowly throughout the week and do not over-stress your joints.

Points will be distributed as follows:
- 5 points per workout, up to three workouts
- 5 points for EITHER completing three workouts OR succeeding to increase your weights for all your repetitions.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 03:14 am (UTC)
I'm leaving on a business trip tomorrow through the 13th and will have irregular Internet access. If I don't have a chance to get to a computer to post my log before Saturday, is there any possibility I could get a bit of a grace period?
Aug. 6th, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
Definitely, especially because I could not post the log post in time. Everyone has until Tuesday to post.

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